"We have doubled the size of our business since we brought Visual on. Visual is allowing us to keep up with all of the changes in today’s market and gives us the tools we need to be able to adapt."

- William Haddad | President

Montelle has been designing and manufacturing women’s intimate apparel since 1994. Montelle has successfully grown their business by automating their complex supply chain, and order management while staying ahead in the world of eCommerce and online market places.

"Before we were running everything manually and we weren’t able to manage all the SKUs that we had. Using [Visual's] tools, we were able to reduce inventory by 30%."

Montelle used to spend a lot of time managing thousands of SKUs in Excel, repetitive email communications, and connecting with multiple EDI systems. Partnering with Visual Next, Montelle saw immediate operational efficiencies supporting their omnichannel business as well as a boost in sales and customer satisfaction.

Montelle Intimates
Montelle Intimates Visual Next

“The goal for me is to simplify the entire [business] process; we needed one software solution that could manage them all.”

- Jeremy Oldland, Owner and VP Operations

With an omnichannel strategy, brands can reach customers through multiple sales channels, touchpoints, or devices while offering a consistent shopping experience.

Visual Next's End2End Solution allows Hatley to keep their e-commerce, retail, wholesale, and warehouse inventory up to date. And with the ability to support multiple integrations, they can trust that they're delivering a unified brand experience to their target market.

“The greatest benefit of Visual has been that it allows us to ship globally while supporting third-party integrations with UPS, Canada Post, The Royal Mail, FedEx, and TNT.”

- Jeremy Oldland, Owner and VP Operations

For Hatley, selling in 39 countries through multiple sales channels and international warehouses required a software solution that could support their complex business processes. The Visual Next suite is equipped with robust modules that connect all department so companies can save time and money on daily operations.

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"We're now able to push out a new style to stores in only a 3-4 week delay so our retailers never have to discount anything."

- Jacob Wazana | VP/Owner

For the Wazana brothers, what initially started out as a passion for vintage jeans quickly became a mission to create the most comfortable jeans in the world. Today, Yoga Jeans®, by Wazana Clothing produces some of the most comfortable and flexible jeans on the market.

"The great thing about Visual is that they are always adapting their software. We’re all benefiting from new implementations, new features or new modules that are constantly made available."

Tired of dealing with disparate tools that hindered apparel specific requirements and reporting, Yoga Jeans® turned to Visual Next to manage their processes from End-to-End. By increasing the visibility of their business, Yoga Jeans® has significantly improved their speed to market, team collaboration, and sales.

Yoga Jeans Success Story - Visual Next
Yoga Jeans Success Story - Visual Next
Yoga Jeans Success Story - Visual Next

''Our company has doubled in size - in transactions and in volume - since we’ve implemented Visual Next.''

- Albert Sayegh, CPA, CA | VP Finance

For over 50 years, Renwil has created genuine works of art for the world of interior design. The company quickly expanded to include lighting, mirrors, accessories, accent tables and a rug art line. The heart of the organization remains with it's impressive studio and ten -in-house artists.

"We saw approximately a 17% increase in productivity. In most companies you strive for 5-10% and we are already doing that within 2 months"

- Tom Koufogianis, Director of Distribution Operations

Renwil's digital transformation enabled their team to become faster and more efficient, providing them with a significant competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing market.

Renwil Video Series - Visual Next
Renwil Video Series - Visual Next
Renwil Video Series - Visual Next




“The Co-op can now streamline all product and material specifications, as everything about a style is now recorded in one place. Anyone of the organization who needs information can now access the portion they need within PLM. The solution is clearly working its magic...”