Join us as our trainer from across the pond, Christopher Farley, will guide us through some of the most exciting new features of Visual's Warehouse Management System and Scan Pack for 2018.

New Inventory Programs
• Staging manager
• Assign MRQ to user
• Inventory move by MRQ
• Inventory Cycle Counting
• Transit receiving by LP Number
• Partial Receiving and Putaway

New Shipment Programs
• Pick By order (Picker)
• Pick by Location
• Palletizing
• SPK to tempo
• Work order for Locker

Scan Pack:
• Log By Box
• Packed By Box Content
• In the Box Tab

Integration with third party transporter API’s:
• Metapack
• Scurri (UK)
• TNT Direct
• Development in process for GFS (Global Freight Services)