Next is Now 2017 Conference. The Next Wave of Fashion Innovation.

Next is Now 2017 is a unique fashion-forward technology conference taking place in the heart of Montreal, Canada on March 29th and 30th, 2017. During this two-day event, industry experts and business leaders will explore the latest innovations developed to overcome challenges that many modern companies are confronted with in this ever-shifting apparel industry.


  • How do we become more efficient while managing more consumer touchpoints?
  • How to utilize smart technology infrastructure to deploy a seamless omnichannel shopping experience?
  • How can business intelligence tools help to analyze and predict consumer behaviour?
  • How are fashion leaders leveraging technology to drive sustainable competitive advantage?    


Next is Now will bring industry leaders, operations gurus, fashion designers, software developers and marketers together in a magnificent venue in old Montreal to discuss and debate such topics.

Game changer entrepreneurs and industry provocateurs will explore new ways of doing business, demonstrate how they are constantly challenging the status-quo and share their perspective on what’s coming next.

Open to all apparel, footwear and fashion accessory industry professionals, Day 1 of the conference will offer its international attendees a combination of speakers taking on fashion industry topics, forums and expert panels, along with a surprise announcement and networking sessions. Day 2 is reserved for Visual’s current users where they will be offered advanced training sessions on the end-to-end fashion software suite.

Montreal Fashion Technology Conference : Next is Now 

PLM: The Foundation of Product Innovation for Efficient Go-To-Market

Product innovation has evolved a lot over the past few year. It’s improvement is partly a result of software innovations that have adapted to the globalisation shift where people collaborate, develop and manage the product lifecycle differently.

We’ve called in fashion figurehead, Mark Harrop, CEO of WhichPLM, to explore Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as the foundation of product innovation and share what it takes to move from conception to production efficiently.


The Future of Fashion Powered by Omnichannel Retail

Why is it so important to no longer have separate systems managing your brick-and-mortar and ecommerce businesses? Find out how today’s top apparel businesses offer a seamless consumer experience while making faster business decisions thanks to a fully integrated infrastructure that centralizes processes, operations and data.

Jeremy Hatley, distinguished business owner, Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and CEO of Hatley, will share how this Quebec based apparel business had an expeditious international growth while utilizing an omnichannel system that adapted to every milestone and helped them reach paramount return on investment.


How to Leverage Ecommerce to Stand Out in a Global Market?

Online shopping has considerably changed the fashion landscape in the last year and the ultimate question is what’s coming next. With a panel of ecommerce experts from businesses that have shown significant online growth, we will embark on an in-depth exploration of best-practices and insights, and demystify the major ecommerce trends.

Participants will explore these themes and other engaging topics in a dynamic and open environment embracing knowledge exchange, personal development and networking with inspiring peers and experts. Powered by Visual 2000 International, this conference is in-line with its mission of providing best-of-breed business technology solutions to the global AFA industry.

“We are excited to bring together so many industry professionals and influencers to join heads and discuss the future of fashion. The goal of Next is Now is to empower industry professionals to make better business decisions faster and drive sustainable competitive advantage.” -Charles Benoualid, VP R & D, Visual 2000

Next is Now 2017 - Visual 2000