Adobe Integration in PLM

We're happy to announce a new round of improvements to the Visual platform. In this iteration our talented team has expanded the capabilities of the Adobe Illustrator plug-in, added tighter integration with our ERP software and launched a new way to annotate products so your team can collaborate more effectively. Here's the details:

Expanded integration With Adobe Illustrator

It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since we launched our PLM extension for Adobe Illustrator. In an effort to continually improve the tools our users need everyday, we've added additional functionality. You can now search and edit existing product images from within the Illustrator plugin, then upload your changes to Visual

Adobe Illustrator Integration

We've also tweaked the dashboard to make products easier to find. Save your common search queries to eliminate redundant work. If you are having any issues updating to the latest version of the Adobe Illustrator plug-in, please contact your system administrator for access.

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Online Annotation of PLM Products

One of the captivating reasons to use Microsoft Excel to build your tech pack is the ability for your team to add annotations to the different fields. However, the lack of shared product data can result in various keying errors, time consuming document set up and many other issues. After consulting with some of our customers to understand how they used the annotation functionality prior to switching to Visual, we've added annotations to products.

Online Annotations in Visual

You can now easily add annotations directly to the product images, making collaboration faster and reducing communication errors. This feature is currently in a beta, and we encourage our customers to contact us in order to test it out with us. We will be rolling out the full version to all serviced customers shortly.

Production and Purchase Order Integration

Visual has always worked well with Visual To save you time moving between systems, we're constantly looking for ways to make the work flows more seamless. With our latest release we've integrated the production and purchase order creation. This allows for requests to be generated from the PLM interface and easily published to Visual ERP with the click of a check box.

Create a purchase order from within PLM 

Visual PLM - Create Purchase Order Screen

Pull existing PO data into check progress.

Visual PLM - in Production Screen


Work Faster - Copy & Paste Points of Measure

One of our main goals is to ensure that your team can work as efficiently as possible. In this iteration we've added the ability to copy points of measure between products within your grading grid. Once copied, values can be edited to suit your needs. This update reduces the amount of time it takes to set up products with similar sizing.

Copy Point of Measure in Visual