Shop Floor

Real Time Shop Floor Monitoring

Streamline your production floor with real time shop floor monitoring using Visual RTS Increase productivity, gain transparency and enhance the quality of your production floor manufacturing process for apparel and footwear products without any need for expensive proprietary hardware.

Access your essential production data from anywhere through the intuitive browser based interface. The built in large screen support allows you create dashboards that display live production data to everyone on your shop floor.

Track every detail from product to worker output in a fully traceable and transparent fashion. Let Visual RTS provide you and your management team with the tools required to refine your production and become more agile.

Real Time Monitoring & Analytics for Your Shop Floor

Ticketing and Labeling

Built in in ticketing and labeling with full barcode support.

Deployed over WiFi

LAN access for low-cost, non-proprietary deployment.

Track Productivity & Efficiency

Reports based on machine operator or team production.

Time Clock Functionality

Allow employees to clock in / out from any device.

SMS & Chat Enabled

Facilitate easy, in-app communication between workers and management.

Easy Export

Export your performance data and reports to Excel.

Fully integrated with our Visual ERP software.

If you are looking to excel in the competitive apparel marketplace, optimizing your shop floor work force is essential. Visual RTS provides a web based platform for companies of any size, manufacturing locally or offshore, to streamline their operations. Unlike traditional solutions, our real time shop floor software requires zero proprietary hardware or network cabling.

By using standard Wi-Fi connections and Android devices you can empower your workers and collect production data in an efficient and cost effective manner. The tight integration with our enterprise resource planning software allows you to view your production performance metrics both alone, and as part of the overall supply chain.