Product Information Management

Product Information Management for Your Omnichannel Business

Consolidate and centralize all your product information for use throughout your entire organization. Visual PIM provides an easy-to-use system to manage product specific data throughout the omnichannel lifecycle.

In addition to apparel and fashion accessory specific information. such as color, cut and size, our production information management software helps bring the data required to market and sell your products to the forefront.

Consistent Product Information for ERP, PLM, eCommerce and more


One product database for your whole business.

Cloud Based

Collaborate and manage product data anywhere that's connected.

Secure Collaboration

Role based management of product specifications.

Fashion Focused

Tailored data fields for apparel and fashion accessories.

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Using a product information system (PIM) allows your fashion, footwear or accessory design team to collaborate directly with your suppliers. Securely share product information across your entire omnichannel enterprise while collaborating with your outside vendors and trading partners.

By keeping product information centrally managed and visible to all key players, PIM software helps you reduce the cost of managing your product data. A good PIM system keeps your product data consistent, accurate and up to date. This helps to reduce scanning errors and processing time throughout your business.

Visual End2End Software Solutions Tailored to Fashion

Improve Your Product Information Management With Concept-to-Consumer Software

Visual PIM empowers fashion professionals with a fully integrated system that connects with our E2E Solution. Understand your Financial Strengths & Weaknesses. See the Impact of Business Decisions & Company Profitability.

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