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In today’s ever-changing market, efficiency and transparency are becoming a
necessity for fast growing apparel businesses to stay ahead of the competition. In this fully connected and customer centric era, businesses must remove barriers of uncertainty and embrace an omnichannel strategy to offer a more consistent customer experience.

Are You Ready to Go Omnichannel?

Retail success today means connecting with your customers how and when they want. As technology continues to touch every step of your customer's buying journey, it’s crucial for your company to offer a seamless and consistent shopping experience, all while optimizing your marketing efforts and internal process.

Streamline your Business Processes

Gain Inventory Transparency

Obtain total visibility of your inventory across each of its stocking locations. Integrate optimal ship-from locations on an international basis to decrease shipping cost. Ship more orders by fulfilling stock with alternate location inventory.

Improve Customer Experience

Breaking down walls between channels offers consumers a consistent shopping experience and builds loyalty. Allow customers to purchase, ship and return products to and from anywhere.

Improve Demand

Overstock is often due to improper planning and buying, which can ultimately be caused by poor data collection and forecasting. Omnichannel improves demand sensing by implementing extensive data sharing and robust workflows.

Lower Cost

Omnichannel software empowers businesses to lower production and warehousing costs. Accurate forecasting and demand sensing reduces wasted inventory and costs associated with overproduction, including warehousing items that do not sell.

Amplify eCommerce

Versatile omnichannel solutions are able to use data centralization as a foundation for easy growth into new channels such as eCommerce, online marketplaces and social media.
Integrate your inventory and enterprise solution to your eCommerce platform to enhance the consumer shopping experience, gain market insight and increase your team’s productivity.

Create Targeted Advertising

Omnichannel software allows retailers to measure cross-device and online-to-store behavior. Provide shoppers with relevant and localized information while creating an organizational structure that supports omnichannel marketing. Centralized business data will help lower spending on ad dollars and personalize campaigns for optimal conversion.

From Fashion Concept to Consumer. Faster.

Visual End2End Incorporates 20 years of expert industry experience into a full featured, easily configurable set of tools that will help ensure your sustainable success. The integrated fashion software package provides everything you need to create, manufacture and sell your products.

what our clients have to say

Scott Hahn - Loomstate

“No matter what software product we were going to use, we needed advice from an experienced partner who could recommend best practices in the uniform branded apparel market and ensure that we maximize the return on our investment from the business process management solution selected. Visual Next is a highly trusted fashion software provider. They have assisted us from concept through implementation.”