Montreal, Canada - March 6, 2018 - Visual Next, the leading provider of End2End apparel business software, is proud to announce a multitude of integrations of its Ecommerce solution to several clients in the fashion, accessories, footwear, and uniform industries.

Over the last six months, Visual Next has focused on integrating Visual ECOM to many different clients with a wide variety of business needs.

Visual ECOM combines web development, inventory integration, marketing, shipping optimization, and more to power B2C eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. The integration of these solutions results in seamless and automated business operations that reduce expenses, and offer high value and return on investment.

“Visual Next has always strived to not only support our client's business operations, but to streamline them with our suite of software applications,” said Charles Benoualid, Visual Next’s Vice President of Research and Development. “The fashion industry is changing rapidly. The increased competition in the market, especially with the rise of online shopping, presents many challenges but also many opportunities for growth. These opportunities can only be fully leveraged, however, if a company is equipped with the right tools.”

The new eCommerce platform integrations with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce is providing fashion companies an optimal solution to rapidly deploy a new online store and centralize operations.

Visual Next’s webstore creation offers responsive themes, multi-currency, multilingual, multi-warehouse and integrated discount rules. The Visual ERP and Visual PLM integration ensures a seamless omnichannel experience, with real-time inventory, orders and payments processes. Visual Next’s direct carrier integration to UPS, Fedex, Canada Post, DHL, Royal Mail and more, offers efficient shipping.

Visual Next’s Director of Integration Services, Pascal Binette, said of these integrations, “Instead of toiling to re-key and converge data to and from multiple channels, Visual ECOM streamlines sales. This allows companies to export product information to multiple channels automatically and gain full visibility of inventory and available to sell products in real-time. Our clients can now confidently forecast sales, reduce sales cycles, and automate lead management.”

Several Visual Next clients have recently gone live with Visual ECOM integrations including, Smythe, Montelle Intimates, Hatley, Taylorbird and more.

As Visual Next continues to lead fashion business software innovations, many new integrations will be released. Keep on the lookout for the latest updates from Visual Next at


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