Montreal-based End2End fashion software provider, Visual 2000 International, announces the availability of several new payment gateway integrations to their suite of omni-channel business software. The new payment gateway integrations are aimed at further allowing businesses to keep track of all their data and processes within a single source solution. The new payment processing integrations will join existing accounting and fraud detection services and will help improve the order lifecycle for businesses.

Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development, explains that “operating an omni-channel business requires the centralization of all processes, including payments. Our new payment gateway integrations will allow our customers to accept and track payments from their wholesale and retail POS systems and ecommerce stores without ever needing to leave their ERP system.”

The new payment gateway integrations will allow users of the Visual End2End Suite to process payments from their Stripe, Paypal or Paypal Pro accounts. They will join a host of existing gateway integrations including Paymentech, Moneris Canada & US, SagePay v2, BeanStream and more.

“Customers can run into all sorts of complications without the right payment gateway configuration,” remarks Benoualid. “Issues such as routing, allocation and managing multiple transactions per customer can create delays in payment and ultimately, delays in fulfillment. Having the proper payment gateway set-up is crucial when offering an omni-channel experience.”

The new payment gateways will work in conjunction with existing integrations such as Subuno, an advanced fraud detection service, and Avalara, an automated tax compliance software. The new set of integrated payment gateways will help expedite accounting processes for businesses by offering a single source for all payment information. Visual 2000 is known as one of the few AFA PLM and ERP providers that includes an out-of-the-box accounting suite.

The new payment gateway integrations are expected to help businesses increase the efficiency of their order lifecycle and improve their shipping and fulfillment times. They are seen as especially necessary for businesses accepting payments from multiple channels. Visual 2000 expects that the new integrations will help create seamless omni-channel experiences for retail and wholesale customers alike.