Montreal, Canada, May 22 2009

"How Can Visual™ be so user friendly?"

With its simple yet functional interface, a Google like feel, Visual™ is designed to be intuitive. Its clean, simple UI, appeals to the widest audience and almost guarantees its use from implementation launch.

We understand our audience: the fashion designers, merchandisers, production crews and overseas factories, who do their utmost to bring us pretty things, well coordinated, which fit like a glove. Our years of Fashion Industry experience, working on every side of the fence, have taught us that our users like simple quick and easy to use tools; from day one, these users need this sense of déjà vu.

We have created a powerful tool, which is a joy to work with and looks sexy. Please join us for this webinar and let us reveal a little at a time.

Visual™ is a full Product Lifecycle Management with a Product Development Solution, advanced Line Planning/Merchandising, and a secure vendor collaboration module. There will be no charge for this Webinar. Please share this invitation with your colleagues.

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