Using the latest technology and drawing on the expertise of industry veterans, Visual PLM.Net is designed to meet the unique needs of the fashion industry - allowing firms to see their business clearly

In a competitive market product development is inevitably tied to profitability. Fashion demands the rapid delivery of new products and the realities of business dictate that they are designed, sourced and sold in more markets than ever before.

When it comes to managing this global information and supply network, insight is everything. To remain competitive in a difficult climate, companies of every stripe have come to consider product life-cycle management (PLM) as a vital tool for critically examining and streamlining their business.

Properly chosen, a PLM solution can support collaborative working and data sharing across distributed teams, speeding up the design iterations and complex processes that are vital to creating the best possible products and simultaneously reducing cost and time to market.

The right PLM solution is internet-based, intuitive and interoperable. The right vendor is one who understands your business.

This year, major European retailers and brands have followed more than 400 companies in the North American market in choosing a solution that marries peerless power and accessibility - on the ground and at an executive level - from a vendor who is fluent in fashion.

They have chosen to see their business clearly with Visual PLM.Net.

Deploying the latest technology and the unparalleled insights of a team of industry

The right PLM solution is internet-based, intuitive and interoperable. The right vendor is one who understands your business experts, Visual PLM.Net is a user-friendly, end-to-end solution specifically engineered for the clothing industry.

Whether it's providing a granular management overview of worldwide business or an intuitive, flexible day-to-day development environment, Visual PLM.Net works seamlessly and transparently at every stage of the product life-cycle.

A broad range of capabilities means that the solution can be deployed as a stand-alone system, ready to optimise your ways of working, or be integrated with a wide range of expanded software suites and libraries.

From inception on the drawing board to arrival on store shelves, Visual PLM.Net's web-based infrastructure and broad support for industry standard processes provide the power and strategic insight to deliver optimum business value from your product development.

At every level, too, our growing customer base has praised the user-friendly nature and day-to-day experience of working with Visual PLM.Net. With a fully customisable interface, batch processing functionality, a robust and powerful search engine, version control and an intuitive tab structure, Visual PLM.Net can accommodate the unique requirements of designers and executives alike.

The Visual PLM.Net brand is built on proven foundations of technical expertise, process knowledge and an absolute focus on usability. A successful debut in the UK and European markets this spring brings with it our industry-leading global training and product support networks.

Some of the biggest names in fashion the world over now rely on us to improve the accessibility, compatibility and quality of the vital information that drives their worldwide product life-cycles.

For them, Visual PLM.Net delivers on the central promise of PLM, allowing them to streamline every stage of their business, collaborate smoothly and securely, and see a quantifiable difference to their bottom line.

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