Montreal, Canada, January 8th 2010

Calhoun Sportswear Selects Visual 2000 End-2-End Solutions

Visual 2000 International, a leader in End-2-End software solutions for the Apparel, Footwear and Accessories industry, has announced that Calhoun Sportswear has selected Visual 2000 ERP Suite as their Enterprise Management Software.

News Facts The management team has selected Visual 2000 following a thorough review and evaluation process. Visual 2000 has demonstrated that its product suite fulfills the complex needs of Calhoun Sportswear. From Design PDM, to CRM, EDI, and production, Visual 2000 and Calhoun will deploy an integrated solution to ensure timely data flow from department to department, Calhoun's Customer centric product development approach, depends on precise and just in time information. Calhoun Sportswear will deploy the full suite of Visual 2000 software solution.

About Calhoun Sportswear. Calhoun Sportswear (Catfish Calhoun Inc.) is a full service global sourcing company, with 36 years of business experience. We have been importing-exporting since 2000, and have developed proven resources in China and India for any product that you may require-apparel or otherwise. When the company began in 1973, we specialized in imprinted apparel, and having the capacity to produce to order in our 40,000 sq. ft. factory in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, gives us many options to produce your order in an efficient and economical way. Our specialized manufacturing process has the ability to print panels and seam to seam giving a totally unique finished product. Our factory space also serves as an inventory and logistics service center for many of our larger customers. Calhoun Sportswear also maintains a warehouse in Buffalo, New York, which we use to service our U.S. customers. We ship everything from bikinis to glassware from our overseas suppliers to accounts all across the U.S.

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