Since 2015, Avalara’s real-time sales tax calculation platform has been a valuable partner to Visual Next’s RFA software. Through this integration, Visual’s RFA clients are able to use powerful tools to manage their business and products, while also seamlessly navigating through the plethora of tax rates, rules, and exceptions within the scope of financial management. Together, Avalara and Visual Next have been ensuring companies are tax compliant, streamlined, and successful.

Established in 2004, Avalara has provided services to thousands of customers world-wide. Their cloud-based software platform automates the transactional tax compliance process while reducing costs.

This service is all the while more pertinent when it comes to international transactions. According to eMarketer, retail ecommerce sales will be at $4.058 trillion in 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending that year. Not surprisingly, presence in a foreign market necessitates strategic planning. Furthermore, understanding how to declare imports in terms of their quantity, description, and value can be challenging as it relates to assessing duties and taxes.

The process of exporting and selling overseas involves a thorough understanding of the respective countries’ laws, shipping and freight procedures, brokerage, customs and tariffs, and transportation options from port to distribution centres. Localisation in terms of policies and regulations allows clients to adapt and compete seamlessly in a foreign marketplace.

Visual Next’s End2End suite that includes, ERP, PLM, eCommerce, and BI systems for the retail, footwear, and apparel industries, coupled with Avalara’s solution, ensures that systems are in place for efficient exporting and sales worldwide.

Customs Duty and Import Tax for Dummies is the latest publication by Avalara for the For Dummies Series. The easily digestible e-book is a definitive reference guide to the processes involved in importing, exporting and selling internationally. The book goes further than just ‘shipping and handling’ considerations for businesses that wish to accurately predict the total door-to-door (landed) cost of their products.

This free e-book, which is available now, explains:

-Why ignoring landed cost makes unhappy customers

-Customs duty rates

-Determining de minimis thresholds

-Additional taxes and fees

-The risks and benefits of relying on outside help

-Automating landed cost calculations at checkout

Customs Duty and Import Tax for Dummies additionally includes a walkthrough of a typical international sale, and common mistakes to avoid when trading abroad.  

To download Customs Duty and Import Tax for Dummies for free, please visit: