Paypal, known for its secure platform, is a widely used gateway option for online stores and businesses.


Stripe is a state-of-the-art gateway that simplifies the process of implementing payment workflows and secures payments to websites. 

Endicia Logo

Endicia provides companies an easy way to buy postage and print shipping labels from their office or warehouse from within Visual 2000 software.


Avalara works within financial, billing, ecommerce, or point of sale systems to deliver accurate tax calculations in real time via a secure Internet connection.

Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks has been delivering highly effective technology solutions for over 20 years. Our recommendations and solutions will be tailored to your needs..

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is the undisputed leader supply chain enablement services. Their hosted service has been used by more than 52,000 companies over the last five years..


One of the leading software companies in Turkey, providing solutions for fashion industry, printing industry and manufacturing from design to delivery for 12 years..

Goldsmith Hersh

A progressive medium-sized firm of chartered accountants offering a large scope of services while retaininga rare degree of personal service and company involvement.


EDI Gateway

Founded in 1993, EDI Gateway is an outsourcing service provider uniquely positioned to offer electronic exchange of business documents and transactions.