Supply Chain Management Diagram

Advanced Omni-channel Supply Chain Management

Align your supply chain strategy with your customers demands. Visual SCM empowers you to meet and exceed the expectations placed on your enterprise in today's omni-channel marketplace.

Connect directly with customers and vendors on the platforms they prefer. Our cloud based software helps break down the barriers of time and language, giving you a competitive advantage.

A powerful software system for Managing your Inventory

Supply Chain Transparency

Role-based dashboards to keep everyone informed.

Cloud Based

Warehouses connect to confirm shipment receipt and variances.

Direct Vendor Access

Allow vendors to access their purchase orders, generate packing lists and container loading information

Optimized Shipping

Cost effective container loading by consolidating multiple suppliers/orders.

Get More from your Supply Chain System by Integrating with ERP.

Integrating a solid SCM solution ensures cleaner inventory data, lower transportation costs and faster deliver of your apparel products. Visual SCM eliminates the complexity of managing production, delivery and other critical activities regardless of the size of your vendor network.

Our advanced supply chain management software empowers vendors to view and print purchase orders, enter container loading and in-transit data, and manage all other information they need to produce and deliver your products accurately and on-time. Once the product has been delivered, customers can leverage the system to validate packing numbers and notify your team of any receiving discrepancies. All the information from your supply chain system is shared across the omni-channel enterprise, allowing you to mine deeper business insights and assess any pain points in your SCM strategy.