Visual Next Business Intelligence

Monitor, Optimize & Forecast
Your Apparel Business

Visual BI consolidates information from every aspect of the business and transforms it into easy to understand, and actionable business intelligence, that enables companies to analyze performance and identify trends and opportunities like never before.


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Extract, Connect & Analyze Business Data from the Visual Next Suite of End2End Solutions

Merge with External Data Sources

Visual PLM - PLM Fashion Software Solution

Integrate Sales Data into Merchandising, Design, Product Development, and Sourcing Decisions.

Visual Next ERP Software for Fashion Business

Optimize Inventories and Supply Chain Resources. Manage Available to Sell. Generate Vendor Score-Cards.

Point of Sale Solution Fashion - POS - Visual Next

Quickly Identify Best Sellers, Margins, Channels, Promotions, Returns, & Replenishment Opportunities.

Visual End2End Software Solutions Tailored to Fashion

Understand your Financial Strengths & Weaknesses. See the Impact of Business Decisions & Company Profitability.

Business Intelligence Software Apparel - Visual Next


Visual Business Intelligence Software

Make sense of information with interactive business graphics with data filtering.

Professional Design

Easy to create custom views and reports to stay organized while remaining true to your brand.
Business Intelligence Solution Tailored to Fashion - Visual Next

Accelerate Your Business Intelligence Management With Concept-to-Consumer Software

Visual BI connected to Visual PLM, Visual’s Business Intelligence integrates sales data into merchandising, design, product development, and sourcing decisions.

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