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Seamless Adobe Illustrator Integration Within Visual PLM

Extend your product life cycle management platform into the environment your creative team is already comfortable working in. Visual PLM comes bundled with an industry leading Adobe Illustrator plug-in. Be first to market by centralizing your design data without disrupting your creative team. Create, edit and annotate product design files from within the Illustrator interface. Reduce errors and ensure everyone on your team is working with the latest file.

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Key Features & Benefits

Fully Integrated

Pull, edit and push product information and designs from inside Illustrator.

Easy to Use

Simply install, log-in and start collaborating.

Design Security

Complete control of product access by user, role or division.

Increase Efficiency

Quickly access recent products and save common searches for easy recall.

Work Faster Without Changing Workflow

We strive to help your team decrease the time it takes to go from the concept stage to a finished product. By allowing your creative team to share data from within the environment that they're comfortable working in, you can get a clear view of where your projects are at without disrupting your established workflow. Watch the video and see how easy it can be to leverage the power of Visual PLM from inside Adobe Illustrator.

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PLM Dashboard in Adobe Illustrator

Once the plug-in is installed and the user has logged in, the PLM dashboard window gives your product designers as much or little control as you require. The search window allows easy access to find products that have already been created within the PLM solution. Once found, users can view, download, and edit the product files without leaving the Adobe interface. It is the easiest way to update product specifications and tech pack details. New items are just as simple to create. The new product tab allows for all the essential information to be entered and uploaded to the system. Save the hassle and confusion of having multiple systems open. For more information about the features of Visual PLM, download our brief product tour brochure or schedule a demo with one of our industry experts.